About Me:


When I was a young girl, I didn’t know what every young girl should know. Now I’m going to be an old lady and I don’t know what every old lady should know. – Edith Bunker, “Edith’s Problem,” All in the Family


Welcome to Gray Haired Goddess

Put your readers on ladies and get ready to have some fun. Gray Haired Goddess is for all women age 40 -110 that are looking for quirky conversations, offbeat opinions, no-holds barred product reviews, movie & book recommendations, lifestyle tips and anything else we want to talk about!

I never realized when I turned 50 that nearly everything in my world would change or need to be changed. Suddenly I went from raising children, saving to buy a new house and forging a career path to dumping every cent I could into my IRA, constantly buying reading glasses because I could never remember where I left them, and spending a small fortune trying to find make-up that didn’t make me look like the Crypt Keeper.


After surfing the web for countless hours, days, weeks etc. I realized there were very few sites that I could find information for so many of the things that are relevant to me. Nowhere that I could find out about some of the less common menopause symptoms, the trials and tribulations of 20+ year marriages, how to help aging parents, how to put make-up on drooping eyelids, or how to dress age-appropriate but still feel sexy... all in one place.


I hope Gray Haired Goddess inspires, informs and entertains women from 40 -110 and provides a safe place for discussion, sisterhood and laughter.

Full Disclosure:

I'm not a doctor, or a psychiatrist, or a fashion icon, or a tech wizard, or an expert in anything in particular really. What I am is a tester, a trier, a thoroughly curious and blunt person with a lot of opinions. I was a military spouse for nearly twenty years until my hubby retired from active duty. We moved a lot, from the east coast to the west, to the Hawaiian islands to the deep south. I've had about a gazillion jobs - every time we moved I had to find whatever I could as quickly as I could. I'm a mother of three grown sons - two are on the Autism Spectrum and one lost an eye at the age of 5. I saw my father fight prostate cancer and lose, watched my mother battle breast cancer and win (twice!) and fought my own mini-war with skin cancer that left a 2 inch hole in my leg. The point is, I've been around, I've seen a lot and survived it all. Does that make me an authority on anything? Not really, but it sure gives me a lot to talk about!

After it became clear that the sun was trying to kill me, I started making my own skin care concoctions with aging and vulnerable skin in mind. After gifting to friends, co-workers, and family and getting a lot of positive feedback, I made the scary decision to offer my natural skin care products for sale. Please click the Skin Care link <coming soon> and check if out if you're so inclined.

About Ads:

If I talk about shoes, or clothes, or make-up or gadgets, I'll often include a link to a retail site so you can check out the cost and maybe even buy it yourself if it's something that really catches your eye. We're all adults here right? If you're interested and want to check it out more you can click the link, and if you're not you don't click the link. Simple right? Any products that I recommend are ones that I own or have tried and I'll always let you know if a product is sponsored.

Thanks for checking out the Gray Haired Goddess. Have fun and embrace your inner goddess!