10 Fragrance Facts Every Woman Should Know

If you've read my post called 10 Perfumes Every Woman Should Own, you know that I've recently started a perfume collection. When a friend of mine told me not to keep perfume in the bathroom because the humidity will ruin the scent, I wondered what else I didn't know. Luckily, I found an article on the AARP website that was very educational! Click here for the original article, but here is the summary:

1. Even if your perfume doesn’t have an expiration date on the bottle, it does have a shelf life. 5 years is the max.

2. Resist the urge to display the bottle. Heat, and light can degrade your perfume.

3. To make your scent last longer, apply perfume right after your shower, or apply a lip balm to pulse points and then apply the perfume to those spots.

4. Body chemistry is real. Just because it smells good on your BFF, doesn’t mean it will smell good on you. Just like a bathing suit, always try it on first.

5. Don’t test more than two perfumes, one on each arm.

6. Eau de toilette and eau de parfum may smell differently due to a difference in concentration.

7. Try layering fragrance for your own unique scent.

8. Lavender, rose and grapefruit notes can change your mood.

9. Trust your nose. You might love a $20 perfume and hate one that costs $100. Buy the scent not the name.

10. Did you overdo the perfume? Apply hand sanitizer to remove some of the scent from your skin.

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