Start your "She's just eccentric" 20-year plan

Now's the time to start your "she's just eccentric" 20-year plan, so they don't think you've just lost it.

One of my favorite things about being over 50 is that the days when I can be outrageous and completely unique are just around the bend. I know what you're thinking, "You can be outrageous and completely unique at any age!" True enough, but it's significantly harder when you are still in the workplace and a more professional, conservative look is required. But I do love to daydream about how I'll be able to wear crazy clothing combos just because they're fun, or have purple hair, or swear out loud at the price of food in the grocery store and people will just say, "Bless her heart." They tend to do that when you're in your 80's, not so much when your in your 50's.

Then, it occurred to me that if I start that kind of behavior on the day I turn 70 or whatever, my kinfolk will be calling the nursing home the next day. Especially if it's completely out of character. Hence my 20-year plan plan.

Start making little changes today and slowly introduce your future eccentric self to those around you. I started by adding large and loud statement pieces, but ones that still fit in with my more conservative work environment.

I feel great in outfits like this. Age appropriate but still stylish. More importantly, wearing big accessories like this lays the ground work for my future self when I'm ready to wear big 'ol clunky funky jewelry with my bedazzled track suit. Hopefully it will seem like a natural progression rather than a leap into madness.



When the ignorance of youth was over and I was forced to realize that I had to stop wearing my Grateful Dead-esque attire if I wanted to be taken seriously at work, I opted for a more simple, elegant and understated wardrobe. Now that I've started adding in more colorful and interesting accessories, I can feel the shackles of convention starting to loosen.

I've also started reintroducing the bohemian look on the weekends. This is one of my recent favorite things...

I cut off the bow in the front because, let's face it, until I get rid of the menopot (IF EVER), I'm not wearing anything tucked in. Since it will never be seen, I got rid of the bow so it wouldn't add extra bulk when I layer a shirt over it. I love the fabric, incredibly soft and comfy and I adore the elastic waist band.


Beyond fashion, don't forget to start adding in little quirky behaviors too! For instance, I've taken to singing my favorite songs at the top of my lungs, in the car, with the windows rolled down. Something I was never brave enough to do in the past for fear of ridicule. Now I find I don't care. If I speed away fast enough I won't hear any snide comments and I'm never going to see those other drivers again. Funnily enough, I have gotten quite a few thumbs up while singing Cee Lo Greens "Forget you." I love the beat of that song and I thought it was the perfect start to my "I really don't give a shit what you think" phase.

Start simple, be brave, add one pink flamingo to your lawn and in 20 years, when you're really ready to go all out, it won't seem surprising that you have 40 pink flamingos and a funky sculpture of a purple rhino on your lawn!

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