Can't find your readers? Enlarge your screen with two buttons

Like many of us, I wear progressive lenses and my neck gets fatigued having to continuously tilt my head to get my near prescription in the right place to see everything on my screen, so I try to keep a pair of reading glasses on my computer desk. If you’ve read the About Me page, you’ve learned that I have a really hard time keeping track of readers. If I can’t find a pair, there is a really simple way to make everything on a webpage bigger.

  • For PC users - Hold down the CTRL button and then press the = (equal/plus) button. To return the page to normal size, hold down CTRL and press the – (dash/minus) button at the same time.

  • For Mac users - Hold down ⌘ and then press the = (equal/plus) button. Hold down ⌘ and then press the – (dash/minus) button to return to normal size.

This should work in all browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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