Please stop paying for AOL

AOL is an entirely free email service. It has been since around 2009. If you joined AOL years ago when it was a paid service, you might not realize that you are still being billed for a free service. You only need to pay for AOL if you use dial-up to get on the internet. Although dial-up is still used in lightly populated rural areas where broadband is not available, most of us get our internet access through our cable company. According to an AOL earnings report, the average AOL dialup subscription is 14 years old, and yes, they will continue to bill you until the end of time if you don’t cancel the subscription.

If you have ever had an AOL paid account, double-check your recent credit card statement and see if you’re still paying for AOL. If you are and you get your internet through your cable company, satellite company or phone company, cancel your AOL subscription and keep that money for yourself.

I know, it’s scary. You’re going to have to trust me that you don’t need to pay for AOL anymore (unless you have no other means of connecting to the internet). It literally took me two years to convince my Dad that he didn’t have to pay for it anymore.

You can still keep your AOL address and there will be no disruption in your email service.

Even AOL tells you how to stop paying for AOL. Go to the AOL FAQ (frequently asked questions) page here. Read through the information on switching your paid account to a free one. At the very bottom of the page there are instructions on how to switch to the free plan. Beware, like every other company they want your money, so if you decide to call them to cancel instead of doing it online, the AOL reps will try everything in their power to keep your $20 a month by telling you scary stories about hackers and identity thieves if you don’t continue to pay for their service. Chances are you already have McAfee or Norton antivirus and are already paying for this type service, you don’t need to pay AOL for it too. Plus, AOL email already provides some of the best email security available for free accounts. By all means keep your AOL address, just stop paying for it. Oh, and you don’t need to have the AOL desktop anymore either. You can access AOL email from any browser by typing in the search bar, then enter your AOL address and password and... Tada!

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