Tabs, tabs, and more tabs

I’ve been using computers for a very long time and I often forget that not everyone knows as many shortcuts and tricks as I do. At the office the other day I noticed a coworker typing a website address in the address bar, looking at the page, then typing another website addresses in the address bar, then typing in the first website address again, then typing in another website address and then retyping the first address over and over and over. After watching this for a few minutes and trying to figure out why on earth he was doing that, it suddenly occurred to me that he didn’t realize he could have multiple tabs (multiple pages) open at the same time. I showed him the below tip and he was actually grateful I stuck my nose in where it didn’t really belong.

At the top of your browser you can see a tab with the name of the website you are viewing right above the address bar (on Safari, it’s below the address bar). Here’s a screenshot...

Right next to the tab there is a little grayish “mini” tab. See red arrow on the above screenshot. Click this and you can open a new browser window, go to a different site, and still have your other screen easily accessible. Just click the different tabs to go back and forth. You can have as many different websites tabs as you want and easily switch between them!

NOTE: On Chrome browsers, it looks like a + sign to the right of the tab you already have open.

Another coworker thought she had to quit her browser and then reopen it to get to a different webpage (she would click the red X button to quit). I also showed her the above tip. She said she felt a little dumb for not knowing that, but I didn’t know either until someone showed me!

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