Turkey Again? 10 Alternatives for your Christmas Dinner

I love turkey and I do cook a turkey several times a year, but it just never felt like a Christmas meal to me. Unfortunately I have several members of my family who are not big fans of ham so I've had to get creative with our Christmas dinner.

When my boys were small, their favorite Christmas meal was Cornish Game Hens. They got such a kick out of the kid-sized poultry and loved that they got to eat a whole chicken by themselves. Now that they are grown and we have no little kids around, Christmas has become more about the meal than visits from Santa and presents under the tree.

For the past several years I've tried to mix it up depending on budget, time, and the availability of various cuts. Last year I cooked a Standing Rib Roast for the first time and it did taste amazing, but they are not always easy to find in the grocery store. This year, I'm going to try a Beef Wellington, but I have some mushroom objectors coming to dinner, so I'll go for a less traditional Wellington wrapped in spinach and bacon instead. Fingers crossed!

I've collected ten alternatives for Christmas dinner that include goose, salmon and two delicious looking vegetarian dishes whose recipes look doable by even a beginner cook. Break out of the turkey mold and try something new this year!

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