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If I'm looking for makeup tips, advice about investing, broadway musical clips or photoshop tutorials, I go to YouTube. They really have it all thanks to thousands of crafty and creative vloggers who devote their time to create these great videos. If you haven't yet discovered the awesomeness of YouTube, you're missing out on a truly informative, entertaining and educational resource. Like everything else on the internet, YouTube has its share of controversial, rude or offensive content, but if you dig around there seems to be far more good than bad. I've discovered tons of funny, inspirational, fascinating and helpful videos, but I do have some favorites that I revisit often. It was hard to narrow it down to just 10, but here is the list of my favorites:


Silver-Style-Studio is a place to explore aging with style! I’m Influencer Kerry-Lou, I’m a New York City makeup artist, and love fitness, fashion, makeup, travel, and food! - I’m not afraid telling my age, I’m 61, I’m not afraid of a few wrinkles! let’s discuss subjects that affect women and men over 50!

Finally makeup advice from a woman my age-ish and putting the makeup on herself. I have found many makeup tutorials with experts applying it to someone else. I don't have someone living in my house to do my makeup and I really like to see the first hand approach from someone who really knows how!

Video topics include: How to Cover Age Sports, Best Cream Blush Technique for Aging or Dry Skin, and Drugstore Makeup for Older Women

Maria Cyza, AKA Angie Castellano

Maria Cyza is an actor, public speaker and former cosmetic counter worker. Maria created Angie Castellano to fantastically combine an over the top hilarious character with practical makeup tutorials. I laugh out loud every time I watch one of these. If makeup isn't your thing, check out her shopping videos - hysterical!

All of "Angie's" videos are awesome, but here are a few of my favorites: There's No Eyeshadow Police, Doing my Eyez I Feel Gawgus, Let's Go Down to Eyebrow Town

Great Depression Cooking

98 year old cook, author and great grandmother, Clara, recounts her childhood during the Great Depression as she prepares meals from the era. Learn how to make simple yet delicious dishes while listening to stories from the Great Depression.

Clara's motto was "Indulge in Frugality," and even though she passed away in 2013, Clara left us a great legacy of recipes and stories. The recipes are still relevant for today, like Tomato Sauce and Couscous Steamed with Vegetable Broth , she cooks with no gadgets, gizmos or gimmicks. If you're cooking on a budget, or just want to return to a simpler style of cooking, check out Clara and immerse yourself in food and memories of a bygone era.

Sixty and Me

Sixty and Me is a community for bold and fearless women who are excited to be 60 years old and want to create a new lifestyle - independent, healthy and financially secure.

This channel is packed full with great advice from ways to walk more, to finding mental balance, to retiring abroad to the hardest part of downsizing, all delivered by fabulous women over 60.

Topics include: 4 Simple Ways to Find New Friends After 50, Simple Weight Loss After 60, and 5 Fears that Stop Older Women from Traveling (and How to Solve Them)

The Mat Project

The Mat Project channel has many exercise videos of differing types; pilates, sculpt, dance, cardio etc. But what brought me there and kept me there is their Yoga for Beginners and Seniors series. I enjoy yoga, and I definitely should do it more often than I do, but when I do this series is my fave. Most of the "classes" are around 30 minutes and the wonderful instructor, Shelly Nicole, leads us through all three volumes.

Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Learn a totally different approach to losing weight where you learn to eat the right foods that allow your stomach to stay full as the weight drops off fast.

Not only is Dr. Becky Gillaspy a nutrition expert, she is a women over 50 who can actually back up what she says as a real life example. I don't know about you but I get really tired of hearing about weight loss for menopausal women from male Dr.'s or 30 year old fitness pros. Many of us struggle with weight gain in our menopausal journey, as I do, and I was happy to find this channel created by someone who can identify. Now, just like needing to do yoga more, I need to do a better job at watching what I eat. I try, I really do, but to be totally honest with you, I'm writing this post while eating chips and salsa. But when I want to get motivated to lose some weight and focus on healthy eating, Dr. Becky is my guru. Give a watch to 3 "Go-To" Diet Rules When you Don't Know How to Diet, How to Pick the Best Carbs for Weight Loss or Tips for Weight Loss After 50 (Changing Habits).

Awesome Over 50

Welcome to my channel where I celebrate the over 50's and add a little help with confidence through fashion, makeup, skincare, self confidence tips and more! Learn how to look great on the outside & feel awesome inside knowing the best years could be just ahead of you!

More great fashion and beauty advice from a woman living the over 50 life and looking fabulous doing it, but it's the videos she does with her husband Bill that I love. Videos like Bill & Heather Start Healthy Strawberry Smoothie Routine, Bill & Heather Enjoy a Trip to Wine County & Wineries and Rock N Rollers who now LOVE Classical Music. The Strawberry Smoothie Routine video was my introduction to Heather and Bill and when they talked about how they were going to drink smoothies because they didn't eat right - Bill had pop tarts for lunch that day - I was hooked!

Pasta Grannies

Welcome to Pasta Grannies! I find and film real Italian grannies - nonne - making delicious, traditional, handmade pasta. And sometimes soups, breads, dolci, rice dishes, that kind of thing, because that is what the Grannies wanted to cook for me. I'm saving skills and sharing traditions one recipe and Granny at a time!

I'm one of those people. The kind that get on "kicks" and devotes myself to one thing or another, most of them for a short period of time. A few years ago I decided that at least once a week our dinner would be encased in a pie crust. After Pot Roast Pot Pie, Turkey and Stuffing Pot Pie, Spaghetti Casserole Pot Pie, and a few others, all I had to show for it was GHG Pot Belly. Then it was cooking a months worth of meals in two days and freezing it all, something I still do because this turned out to be economical and awesome - cooking for two days and not having to again for the rest of the month totally ROCKS! When I got on my "I'm going to learn to make homemade pasta" kick, I stumbled across this site. While I don't really do much of that anymore - make pasta from scratch - I do still follow this channel because the recipes are amazing even with store bought pasta. Shhhh, don't tell the grannies.

Kevin and Lil Welcome to my channel where I upload videos with my best friend: my grandma. From teaching Grandma Lill how to play beer pong, to having her react to celebrity drama... I love exposing my grandma to new things. It's so interesting to hear her unfiltered opinions about the topics I fill her in on and I love sharing our tight bond with the world.

This channel is just straight up awesomeness! I have no idea how I originally found this - likely I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole - but I'm so glad I did. I love that Kevin considers his grandma his best friend and it shows. Kevin filmed his conversations with Lil for three years before she found out he was doing it, but once she did she totally got on board and loves being a YouTube celebrity. They are adorable and a joy to watch.

Favorites include: Spilling Tea in Texas, Baking Cookie Dough Brownies with Angry Grandma and Grandma Reacts to Coachella Outfits.

Life Awesome

Life Awesome is a YouTube channel that focuses on delivering the best funny videos; entertaining fails videos, try not to laugh, and much more. We hope that these funny Vine videos will make your day. Not to mention, the adorable yet super funny animal videos will warm your heart.

YouTube has more than cat videos, that's true. But cat videos have their place. And pig videos and funny silly need a good laugh videos. Life Awesome is a huge depository of time wasting but soul satisfying stuff to give you a case of the giggles.

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